Cyclone® KIUBE

Compact and extremely powerful, Cyclone® KIUBE has been quickly established as the cyclotron of choice after its launch in June this year. Today, through its continuous innovation program, IBA announces the highest production capacity ever reached with a PET cyclotron.
With the Cyclone® KIUBE, the radiopharmacies will be able to produce up to 300 FDG doses in a 2-hour run. The beam current of Cyclone® KIUBE can reach up to 300
μA, leading to greater capacity for shorter runs and to increased profitability.

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Synthera®+ and Synthera®+ HPLC have both been fully redesigned to meet the most demanding production schedule of different radiotracers without opening the hot cell (less intervention, more safety). IBA continues to push the technology boundaries to support customers who constantly have to conquer new challenges.

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